Italian Family History

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Italian Genealogy
Do you have Italian origins? Do you want to investigate your roots in Italy? Many resources and helps for your Italian family history
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My family

Italian Jewish Genealogy
Jewish origins? Italy gave hospitality to the oldest Jewish Communities in Europe.
Italy was an important crossroad for Sephardic and Ashkenazi history.
A guide, an how-to, and . . . many resources . .
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Arch of Titus and the first Jews in Italy
European Citizenship
Do you want European Citizenship?
With the Italian citizenship you can have it!
Italian origin gives you the right for application for Italian Citizenship.

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Passaporto Europeo/Italiano
La Gioconda  

Chi é il modello di questo ritratto?

Who is the model of this portrait?
Pubblicazioni e documenti consentono finalmente di dare una risposta a questa domanda.

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